Tattooed and Takin' It To the Streets: Prince Street, SoHo

Tattooed and Takin' It To the Streets: Prince Street, SoHo

The streets of are SoHo filled with tattoo inspiration.

Sometimes a tattoo has an incredibly long history that begins with the telling line, "it's actually a funny story..." Other times it's for a dear departed family member or friend, a constant reminder of their lingering presence, and other times it's just 'cause you like lions, dammit.

“The heart — people always think it’s Keith Harring, but I got it for my mom actually. She always did hearts like that, so it reminds me of her. The ‘stay hungry’ goes with the ‘stay foolish.’ It’s a Steve Jobs quote, and I actually just recently got that one. And then ‘love,’ I’ve just always written that on my knuckles, and it’s the first tattoo I ever got. I just wanted to get it.” - Hunter A.

“This is my mother, rest in peace, and this is my grandmother. Two ladies in my life. Everything I do in life now is to make them proud, and they’re lookin’ over me.” - Rob E.

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“I just like lions.” - Emily M.

“This is my first tattoo. I was moving to Atlanta, Georgia, and I wanted to do something spontaneous, so I was like, ‘Oh, I’ll get a tattoo.’ So I got a tattoo, and then weeks later I’m like, ‘why the fuck did I get this tattoo?’ I hate it. It doesn’t even show. I tried to get color, and it did not work out, so now I just call it a dirt mark. People are like, ‘oh! I love your tattoo,’ and I’m like, ‘no, it’s just a dirt mark back there.’ I HATE the tattoo. I regret it, but it’s a part of me.” - Saborah D.

“The ones on my fingers represent my brothers and sisters, and the one on my hand is for my mom. They just represent memories, like remembering where you come from.” - Michael S. and Biggie

Be sure to check back often to hear the tales behind the tattoos of the ordinary folks that make up our vibrant community.

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