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Tattooed Eyebrows By Brow Queen Shaughnessy Keely

Tattooed Eyebrows By Brow Queen Shaughnessy Keely

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If there was ever a time to get your face tattooed, it's now; and Shaughnessy Keely is your girl.

Bold, natural eyebrows are back with a vengeance, and if the 90's marked you in any way you are still struggling (like myself) to grow them back from gruesome over-plucking.

Facial hair on point. Image Source: Shaughnessy Keely #ShaughnessyKeely #eyebrows #beauty

Shaughnessy is the owner and HBIC at Studio Sashiko in Vancouver, Canada; where clients flock in to get their brows transformed from Payless to Prada in no time. 

She’s honed a wonderful skill in tattooing hella realistic-looking brows using a process called microblading… and no that’s not the stencil-on BS they offer at your local nail salon. 

I reached out to the Brow Queen with some questions I had about the procedure and was pleasantly surprised that she was happy to answer. Say goodbye to sharpie-esque eyebrows of the past, and allow me to introduce the work of Shaughnessy Keely...

Perfect eyebrows, Image Source: Shaughnessy Keely #cosmetics #eyebrows #Microblading #consmetictattooing

So a typical search through the internet on eyebrow tattooing produces some pretty horrid results… nightmare stories on message boards of blue eyebrows and the like… How does micro-blading differ from the conventional process cosmetic tattooists have used in the past? 

Microblading, Image Source: Shaughnessy Keely #cosmetics #eyebrows #Microblading #consmetictattooing

Can we expect a similar sensation as getting a normal tattoo, or is it much different?

Tattooed eyebrows, Image Source: Shaughnessy Keely #cosmetics #eyebrows #Microblading #consmetictattooing

What is a normal session like?

How long do eyebrow tattoos usually last for? 

Microblading before and after, Image Source: Shaughnessy Keely #cosmetics #eyebrows #Microblading #consmetictattooing

Does micro-blading damage the hair follicle?

Cosmetic eyebrow tattooing, Image Source: Shaughnessy Keely #cosmetics #eyebrows #Microblading #consmetictattooing

In the business of facial semi-permanency, you must experience many clients that get cold feet. How do you deal with it? 

Before and after, Image Source: Shaughnessy Keely #cosmetics #eyebrows #Microblading #consmetictattooing

How many girls come in asking for the “Delevingne”? 

Shaughnessy can be found on Tattoodo or at Studio Sashiko in Vancouver, BC, Canada.

Jessica Paige
Written byJessica Paige

☆ collector ☆ rock & roller social producer & creative for Tattoodo (IG @jespaige)

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