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Tattooed Techies: TNW Conference 2019

Tattooed Techies: TNW Conference 2019

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We bring you some awesome tech industry powerhouses telling the inspiration behind their tattoos at the TNW Conference 2019.

Back in May we visited the TNW Conference of 2019, held in Amsterdam at NDSM, a shipyard turned event center that is a perfect hub for creativity and exploration. Bringing tech industry heavy hitters together in one place, the TNW Conference is an awesome spot to hear from leading experts in the field talk about their work, while also attending exciting roundtables, workshops, exhibitions, and more. It's not only about broadening your network and making new connections, it's also a celebration of modern technology. 

Florian Heijligers, Project Manager at TNW, reflected the same sort of sentiments as Carmen saying, "I actually studied hotel management so you can imagine that in the hotel industry it's almost like a taboo to have a tattoo. I think, nowadays, the new formal is kind of informal and it's more about how you present yourself. You can have a big bushy beard but if it's trimmed and groomed it can look just as formal as someone with a clean face. And I think tattoos can offer that as well. I think if they are clean and nicely done there is definitely a place for tattoos in the tech industry." 

Speaking with  Joanna Skorupska , founder of Radicalzz Studio and the creator of Futuro Cards, we asked Joanna if she had ever felt any issues, professionaly, within the tech world. "I don't feel any discrimination at all. I am proud of mine, so if someone does not accept them it's not my problem...Each of my tattoos is different and hide a story. All of them have a personal meaning for me." 

We also spoke with another TNW teammate, Oscar, who recently started a Japanese koi sleeve tattoo. Only inked a week ago, Oscar is excited to finish the project. "It’s gonna take around 48 hours to finish it so I think it will take a year or two to finish it in total."  

Caroline Sanders also reflected the same sentiments that many others felt. "I am creative and working in technology...I mean, I have blue hair and I am covered in I mean creatives have always had tattoos! I feel like I have never worked in a tech shop where tattoos and piercing have not been acceptable. I just see tattoos everywhere." 

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