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Tattoos as Dark as the Devil by Moises Jimenez

Tattoos as Dark as the Devil by Moises Jimenez

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Discover the dark, detailed, textured and unique tattooing of The Crocodile, a.k.a. Moises Jimenez.

Moises Jimenez is an awesome blackwork tattooer based in UK. Indeed the tattoos he does are as dark as the devil in composition, detail and application. 

Each tattoo is highly contrasted, curiously interesting and uniquely odd. If you're a fan of the occult, the dark side, strange oddities and black tattoos, you definitely need to check these out!

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Moises Jimenez, Tattooer Tattoo by Moises Jimenez @thecrocodile666 #MoisesJimeneztattoo #Black #Blackwork #Blacktattoo

All photos from Moises Jimenez Instagram!

Written byminerva

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