Tattoos for your Enemies by Jack Watts

Tattoos for your Enemies by Jack Watts

Blackwork tattoos of random, cool things by a talented tattoo artist Jack Watts.

I love the rawness and craziness of tattoos by Jack Watts, under the badass needle name: @Tattoosforyourenemies, tattooing at Sang Bleu Tattoo, London. 

His works are blatant, humorous, dark, odd, playful, and high quality, without question. Done in black and applied boldly, as dark and as bitter as a tattoo for an enemy can get, these fun and awesome tattoos are worth a try! 

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Whoever said a good tattoo needed to have a deep meaning behind it, or in order to have a beautiful tattoo, it needed to have so many colors and details? These unorthodox tattoos are definitely killing that notion! Which one would you get for your enemy? 

All photos from Jack's Instagram

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