Tattoos in Motion by Sao Paulo's Junior Goussian

Tattoos in Motion by Sao Paulo's Junior Goussian

Japanese-inspired tattoos that seem to move.

Tattoos can draw the eye in using a manner of different techniques: color, composition, motion. Color and composition are the two most common methods, but when motion is utilized, it transfixes the eye in a way that’s mesmerizing, forcing you to follow the piece in its entirety, and to fully take in each and every subtle nuance. Artist Junior Goussain’s work does just that.

Based out of Sao Paulo, Brazil, Goussain’s work is Japanese inspired, often portraying foo dogs and mythological creatures. In lieu of vibrant colors that invite the eye in, the artist employs heavy use of motion in his work: the phoenix’s flowing feathers, Ganesha’s winding trunk, and the curvature of a snake winding down a leg. The motion invites the eye in, encouraging the onlooker’s eye to continue traveling around the entire piece and apprecaite every subtle detail. 

You can see more of Goussain's work on his Instagram.

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