Tattoos Inspired By Movies

Tattoos Inspired By Movies

Since the first motion picture hit the silver screen, people have been obsessed with the movies and the people that star in them.

You know what I wish I was doing right now? Watching a movie. It doesn't even matter what type of movie, I'm game for anything right now. A formulaic comic book movie? Sound great. Something with Nic Cage screaming while his eyes try to burst free from his skull? Yes, please. Yet another heartstring pulling tear jerker from Pixar? Of course! The point is that I love movies. And judging from the billions of dollars the film industry rakes in each year I know that I am far from alone.

Yet, the people in this gallery take their adoration for moving pictures on a strip of celluloid to the next level by having some of their favorite scenes tattooed on their body forever. It used to be impressive to be able to recite a favorite scene (I can do this for the scene when Daniel Larusso throws his bike in a dumpster), but now you need to get a tattoo to show that you really care about your favorite film.

In the following gallery you'll see some truly impressive acts of devotion towards blockbusters and cult classics alike. You know there are going to be Star Wars tattoos, and of course there are some slasher films represented.  So grab your popcorn and get ready to check out this gallery of tattoos inspired by movies. 

Dark Lord of the Rings tattoo by Benjamin Laukis #movie #movietattoo #darklordoftherings
Mars Attack colorful piece by Bert Thomas #movie #movietattoo #bertthomas #marsattack
Awesome work by Clod The Ripper! #movie #movietattoo #clodtheripper
Great Hit Girl from Kick Ass by David Corden #movie #movietattoo #greathitgirl #kickass #davidcorden
Badass Star Wars sleeve by Den Yakovlev #movie #movietattoo #starwars #DenYakovlev
Tattoo inspired by a movie Gone with the Wind by James Tats #inspiration #gonewiththewine #movie #movietattoo #jamestats
Cool Wednesday tattoo by Sam Smith #movie #movietattoo #samsmith #wednesday
Badass Matrix tattoos by Kelvin Slack #movie #movietattoo #matric #kelvinslack
"Benjamin is nobody's friend. If Benjamin were an ice cream flavor, he'd be pralines and dick. " Mike DeVries does some caricature of Wayne's World #movie #movietattoo #mikedevries
Gory Dracula tattoo by Nikko Hurtado #movie #movietattoo #dracula #NikkoHurtado
Awesome Ghostbuster tattoo by Tom Taylor of Deep Six Lab #movie #movietattoo #ghostbuster
The Mask tattoo by Valentina Ryabova #movie #movietattoo #ValentinaRyabova #themask

What movie would you get a tattoo of? Once you've figured out that difficult question hit up one of these artists and show your devotion forever. 

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