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Tattoos of Stevie Wonder that He Could See Because He’s not Blind

Tattoos of Stevie Wonder that He Could See Because He’s not Blind

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Tattoos that prove Stevie Wonder has seen a lot of things in this old world.

Stevie Wonder is one of the greatest American musicians of all time, and he more than deserves all of these tattoo tributes in his honor, but there’s one thing about him that concerns us — the fact that he can actually see. There is an entire locker’s worth of evidence that supports the conspiracy theory that he’s been pretending to be blind ever since he was a child. Maybe he just thought the Ray Charles look would help his career, but all the signs point to the shocking possibility that he has 20/20 vision behind those conspicuous sunglasses.

There are various reports of Wonder acting like a person with the sense of sight. Boy George said that Wonder playfully choked him at a party once, remarking that he thinks the songwriter can see, because otherwise he wouldn’t have been able to find George in the crowd. Wonder also regularly attends basketball games and visibly follows the action, even cheering at big plays. The most damning piece of evidence relating to his fraudulent blindness is a video in which Paul McCartney knocks a microphone stand off balance, prompting Wonder to catch it. He looks directly at the falling stand, just like someone with fully functioning eyes, before snatching it out of mid-air.

If all of this sounds like unusual behavior for a blind person, that’s because it is. The man obviously can see, but why keep up the charade for so long? It could be that it all started as just a little fib that got out of hand, and he’s been keeping up the appearance all these years just to avoid being caught in the lie. Or perhaps was blind before he got a pair of bionic eyes and decided that it was better off if the entire world just kept assuming he was sightless. Whatever the reason, Wonder’s slipped up so many times now that we don’t know who he thinks he’s fooling. Hell, even these tattoos of him look like they can see perfectly fine, and if that doesn’t convince you, you’re the one who’s blind.

We hope you enjoyed getting wrapped up in this conspiracy as much as we did. Good thing, Stevie Wonder will never be able to read this, because he’s actually blind. To see more mind-blowing tattoo portraits, follow these artists on Instagram. If you want to show your appreciation for his music, have one of them design a tattoo of him for you.

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