Tattoos of the Villains That Keep Harry Potter on His Toes

Tattoos of the Villains That Keep Harry Potter on His Toes

Some say Lord Voldemort is He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Tattooed, but we vehemently disagree.

Welcome to Tattoodo's Harry Potter Week! We kicked things off by sorting all of our employees into houses, which went about as poorly as expected. Then we shined the spotlight on Harry himself, and then hit up the pure nightmare fuel that is the Dementors. We delved into the ethics of owning a house elf, and now we are embracing our dark sides by celebrating Lord Voldemort and the villains. Be sure to check back all week for a slew of Hogwarts-centric tattoos.

All good storytellers understand that even the most appealing and virtuous hero is worthless if they aren’t paired with a terrifying villain. The more formidable the bad guy, the better the hero looks when they eventually vanquish their nemesis. This is the reason that Batman is such a compelling character despite being nothing more than a rich guy with a bunch of gadgets — he’s always faced the scariest villains. JK Rowling understood this concept to a T when she wrote the Harry Potter books and created one of the most nefarious evildoers of all, Lord Voldemort.

The most memorable villains, and Voldemort definitely is one of those, manage to not just make a splash when they are in a scene, they hang like a foreboding fog over every single part of the story. Since Voldemort’s story is so closely intertwined with Harry’s, not to mention that his actions against Harry’s parents is the entire reason we are here in the first place, there is no part of the books/movies where his presence isn’t felt. Even seemingly benign activities, like a quidditch match for example, are tied into Harry’s path towards preparing to the inevitable clash with He-Who-Must-Not-Be-Named.

Which brings us to the next point — fear. If the heroes aren’t afraid of the villain there really is no point. In the world of Harry Potter Voldemort is so frickin’ terrifying that people won’t even say his name. That’s fear.

Of course, Voldemort isn’t alone. He’s got a crew, the Death Eaters. How cool of a name is that? If you want to instill fear in some fools Death Eaters is right up there with Hells Angels or ...And Your Will Know Us by the Trail of Dead. The best thing about these guys is that they have tattoos! Well, sort of. All of the Death Eaters carry what is known as the “Dark Mark,” a brand given to them by Voldemort that burns when he summons them. As tattoo enthusiasts, we already know that a skull with a snake wrapped around it makes for a killer piece of art, we just didn’t know that it could be used to summon actual killers.

Let’s take a second to pay some respect to Lord Voldemort and all of the various villains that helped make Harry Potter the hero he would become. Oh, and for the record, we know that in the end Snape was an OK fella, but we’re lumping him in here since he was thought to be a villain for so long.

If you are looking to get a Dark Mark of your own, or a portrait of any of the other Harry Potter villains, be sure to check out theses artists’ Instagrams.

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