Tattoos That Could Only Happen in 2016

Tattoos That Could Only Happen in 2016

Woo boy, what a shitty year.

I think by almost all accounts, people have found that the year 2016 was a pretty shitty one. A ton of beloved celebrities died, there was a tumultuous United States Presidential Election, and just a shitstorm of shitty shittiness.

With that in mind, here are the most 2016 tattoos of 2016. Tattoos that when you gaze upon them you think to yourself, "Of course that tattoo was done in 2016, that shitty shitty year."

This guy lost a bet with his friend. Zac Cobert was an avid Bernie Sanders supporter and lost a bet with his friend, and then he had to get this Donald Trump tattoo. The ultimate insult to injury.

Remember Drake's newest tattoo he got that everyone shit on? I 'member. It was the cause of tons of positive reactions and dissenting opinions. Very polarizing.

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This poor bastard preemptively got a tattoo that declared the Cleveland Indians the 2016 World Series champs. Uhh... guess what happened? The Chicago Cubs won, breaking their insanely long streak of losing.

Is that a fucking Ted Cruz tattoo? A fucking Ted Cruz tattoo. Unlike the Trump tattoo, this one is temporary. Thank god for small miracles. 

Weekend at Bernie's. Yes. This is 2016. No other year would this tattoo ever happen. Ever. Trust me.

How could you possibly forget about Harambe in a 2016 roundup? The internet sensation gorilla that was shot and killed at the Cincinnati zoo, which caused us all to take our "dicks out for Harambe."

Chewbacca Lady's Chewbacca tattoo. The viral video sensation got a tattoo of the Star Wars character after a video of her laughing with a Chewbacca mask on took the internet by storm.

The person who got the "Phelps face" tattoo from the iconic moment of the 2016 Rio Olympics.

Beyoncé drops Lemonade. Slay.

2016 has certainly been quite a year. A year that I'm sure a lot of us will be happy to leave in the past. Hopefully better things will happen in 2017. If not...may God help us all.

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