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Tattoos that Put the Color in Color Realism by Andrey Lukovnikov

Tattoos that Put the Color in Color Realism by Andrey Lukovnikov

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The realistic tattoos by Andrey Lukovnikov have a lovely painterly look to them.

A few years back, color realism seemed like the final frontier of tattooing, but lately a number of innovative tattooers out there have pushed the art form even further, expounding on their mastery of creating lifelike tattoos to take the style to even higher plateaus. One such innovative artist is Andrey Lukovnikov. He makes body art in a wide variety of styles, but his most boundary-breaking designs are his beautiful realistic pieces. 

Though Lukovnikov specializes in color realism, most of his tattoos have a bit of fantasy to them. He doesn't just illustrate a lifelike hannya mask, he brings it to life with fire roaring from its eyes. Or his lady heads are often abstracted and depicted in strange ways, crying roses of blood or juxtaposed with grim imagery like skulls. In short, he makes sure to imbue his designs with a sense of the uncanny, and in doing so brings nuance to the style. 

Some of Lukovnikov's most impressive compositions are the ones that draw inspiration from nature. He has a knack for capturing the likeness of wildlife, flora and fauna alike. He even frequently uses their silhouettes to encapsulate other imagery, as seen in his piece with a wasp outlining a series of skulls. Regardless of the dynamic and surprising ways that he frames his subjects, you can see how real life is the inspiration behind all of his work.  

If you want to admire more of Lukovnikov's impressive portfolio, follow him on Facebook and Instagram. He works in both Wroclaw, Poland if you want one of his beautiful realistic pieces for yourself. 

Ross Howerton
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