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Tattoos that #SpreadLove Not Hate

Tattoos that #SpreadLove Not Hate

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The #SpreadLove campaign encourages love to prevail over racism and hate.

An amazing campaign that shows how to #SpreadLove the tattoo way...

#SpreadLove tattoo by Emrah de Lausbub #EmrahdeLausbub #spreadlove

Spread love. Enough said. Whether this new tattoo craze has been a retaliation against the announcement of the US's new president or not, it sends out a beautiful, timeless message.

President-elect Donald Trump (Photo: Zero Hedge) #trump #donaldtrump

In the last week, there has been a spike in US hate crime since the confirmation that Trump would take Obama's place as president in 2017. To fight back, people all over the world are joining forces to spread love and peace not just their own communities, but also to send a message out to specific minority groups now living in fear because of Trump's radical promises.

Germany-based tattooist Emrah de Lausbub shared the above beautiful post last week with a poignant caption, announcing that his studio would tattoo this lettering in 2017 for free on any customers booked in for an appointment already. He said: "stand up together against racism, hate or some "presidents" all over the world. We have to spread love!"

Amen, dude! If tattoos can give us some hope and strength in this crazy world today, then it's better than suffering in silence. Keep fighting together. <3 

Written byRebecca

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