Teeny Tiny Floral Tattoos by Bunal

Teeny Tiny Floral Tattoos by Bunal

Minuscule floral tattoos are all the rage, and Bunal is the perfect tattoo artist for the job.

People with one name carry a certain mystique. Beyonce, Madonna, Cher, Prince — they all have become iconic celebrities and artists and I postulate that having one name contributed to that massive success.

Tattooist Bunal is attempting to reach that level of stardom with her one-name mystique. It also helps that she is creating some absolutely adorable tiny floral designs. You can have one name all you want, but you have to have the artistry to back it up, and Bunal certainly does!

These tiny floral tattoos are all the rage these days, and with more and more people prone to getting subtle, easily hidden tattoos, these are perfect. Bunal is capitalizing on this trend at the right time. Plus her tattoos are just so pretty!

If you're thinking about getting a tiny floral tattoo, look to Bunal's Instagram for inspiration! Or just head to Korea to get tattooed by the master personally.

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