Teeny Tiny Micro-Masterpieces by Ida

Teeny Tiny Micro-Masterpieces by Ida

Korea's tiny tattoo specialist, Ida will knock your socks off with these little beauties.

Tiny, tiny tattoos are all the rage these days. They are very popular with women who want to have a discreet and pretty tattoo, while maintaining a bit of that rebellious side associated with getting a tattoo. 

Which might be why tattooists such as Ida have gained such popularity lately. The tattoo artist from Seoul, South Korea has been gaining steam in the tattoo community because her micro tattoos are masterpieces in daintiness and detail. It's amazing how something so small can be so intricate.

Ida is just giving credence to the notion that great things come in small packages. Her tattoos are cute as a button, but are exhaustive in their detail. Just because these tattoos are tiny, doesn't mean they aren't just as special as an arm sleeve.

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