Thar She Blows! Nautical Bangers by Kirk Jones

Thar She Blows! Nautical Bangers by Kirk Jones


Alright, alright, not to offend those of you who love the sea. These nautical tattoos just wanna make us don some sweet sailor suits and anchors aweigh! Kirk Jones is making quite a splash with these beauties. AHOY!

Batten down the hatches! These tattoos are fucking tight!

Full back beauty. By Kirk Jones. (via IG—kirk_jones_tattoo) #nautical #traditional #bright #bold #kirkjones

Get underway! Give wide berth! Don't leave us high and dry!

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A classic rose forefronts a ship, with some intense detailing. AHOY! By Kirk Jones. (via IG—kirk_jones_tattoo) #nautical #traditional #bright #bold #kirkjones

Don't be such a loose cannon and know your ropes: these are some wild sea-faring beauties.

Maiden of the sea! By Kirk Jones. (via IG—kirk_jones_tattoo) #nautical #traditional #bright #bold #kirkjones

Remember, you don't wanna be three sheets to the wind when you view these gorgeous works of art! 

MAN OVER BOARD, the line work on these is JUST FANTASTIC!

Some nautical thighs! By Kirk Jones. (via IG—kirk_jones_tattoo) #nautical #traditional #bright #bold #kirkjones

SHIVER ME TIMBERS, that was exciting! Check out Kirk's Instagram or swing by where he works next time you're on shore leave. 

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