The Absolute Greatest Tattoos of Bears Wearing Hats We’ve Ever Seen

The Absolute Greatest Tattoos of Bears Wearing Hats We’ve Ever Seen

Life is worth living as long as bears wear hats

The world is a super depressing place full of tragedy at every turn. You’re going to spend your life miserable as you slowly watch everything and everyone you love decay and turn to shit. It never really surprises us when we hear about suicides, there’s nothing noble about sticking out the misery. But what if we told you there was another way out of the darkness? We here at Tattoodo are proud to announce we have found a singular cure for all of the world’s sad feelings – tattoos of bears wearing hats.

Just look at these silly bears! What are they doing? Do they think they are people? It’s all just so silly.

There’s no Wikipedia page for bears wearing hats, so we can’t really give you a history of this particular brand of medicine for the soul. But we’re OK with that, because knowledge of the origins of bears wearing hats would only serve to demystify them. Just sit back, take them in, and get ready to say goodbye to your sadness.

Depression is a harsh mistress with whom we are all overly acquainted with. There is just too much sadness in the world today for any of us to adequately process. For example, statistically speaking, while you’ve taken the time to read this article, a small handful of children in Africa have been hacked to death with machetes. We live in a time of ISIS beheadings, suicide bombings, child soldiers, people being killed for their sexual orientation, slavery, increasingly unnecessary prequels to Alien, institutionalized racism, melting icecaps, animal cruelty, and Donald Trump.

Go ahead and couple all of this with the infinite scope of both the universe and time itself and how insignificant our existence is when considered on such a scale. At the end of the day, it’s a wonder we can even ever get up off of the couch with this gnawing pit of darkness living inside all of us.

But, hey! Bears wearing hats!

We’ve rounded up these awesome bears wearing hats tattoos because we want to spread love and happiness through this dark world of shit we all inhabit. And it’s going to work. Once this article spreads around, manufacturers of antidepressants are sure to see a sharp decrease in profit. And that’s not because of us, it’s because of these cute bears and their funny hats.

Don’t these tattoos of bears wearing hats just make you want to live? There’s a whole world out there that’s brighter and happier than all of your little bubble of misery, and these bears (with a big assist from these hats) are here to open your eyes to better possibilities. So please, live happily. It is what these bears wearing hats would want you to do.

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