The Alternative Overlay and Pointillism Tattoos of Nick Avgeris

The Alternative Overlay and Pointillism Tattoos of Nick Avgeris

Nick Avgeris is giving contemporary Grecian art a new name with his modernist pointillism and overlay tattoos.

With his new overlay works and phenomenal pointillism portraits, Nick Avgeris is reclaiming the glory of Greece.

Overlay portrait tattoo by Nick Avgeris. #NickAvgeris #alternative #contemporary #overlay #portrait #woman

Nick Avgeris sure made a stunning leap with his art style as he recently ventured into overlay tattoos — a far cry from his usual pointillism pieces. Either way, he has created amazing works in both styles that deserve everyone's attention. 

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Based in Greece, Nick Avgeris joined the Luv'n'Roll family a couple years ago and took part in the tattoo studio's aim to redefine the art form and nurture the creativities and skills of their homegrown talents. In the studio, Nick is assigned as the blackwork and pointillism specialist and has done a great job in holding that title.

The Greek tattoo artist recently garnered the recognition he deserves as his fresh overlay tattoos drew tattoo enthusiasts and tattoo pages alike on Instagram. He started with a very simple skull overlay and then quickly moved on to more detailed pieces and recently infused pointillism in an overlay portrait.

Let's head back to what made Nick Avgeris' tattoos precious a while before he started experimenting with eclectic styles. His realistic pointillism tattoos were a great contrast to overlay which is all about linework. The dotwork is more pronounced, appreciably paying attention to shading. Nick also throws in a pop of red for the shock value.

All works are done by Nick Avgeris of Luv'n'Roll Tattoo Studio in Greece.

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