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The Anthropology of Tattoos: Interview with Lars Krutak

The Anthropology of Tattoos: Interview with Lars Krutak

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In this interview with tattoo anthropologist Lars Krutak, he speaks about the diverse cultures and history of tattooing.

Well known for his literary works, and his research for films in conjunction with National Geographic, among others, Lars Krutak is a Research Associate for the Museum of International Folk Art who has spent most of his life researching the cultural and historical significance of tattooing. In this interview Lars talks more about his background, experiences, and upcoming projects. 

Can you describe your personal background, and how you came to be one of the top tattoo historians in the world?

What drew you to native cultures, and their tattooing/body mods in particular?

Beyond technological advantages, how has contemporary tattooing changed from its traditional origins? Has the philosophical or sociological importance stayed the same throughout history?

Can you talk about some of your publications and why each one was an important project for you?

Most of your projects focus on tribal body modifications that are slowly
disappearing. Can you describe some of these practices? How do you think we can preserve them?

Are there any projects coming up in 2019 that you’d like to share or promote?

Justine Morrow
Written byJustine Morrow

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