The Art of Brandi Marie Little

The Art of Brandi Marie Little

Cute, cuddly, and maybe a bit creepy, Little's art explores the beauty in widely misunderstood animals.

Under any other circumstances we would be wholeheartedly against animals with tattoos, as any normal, sane person with half a brain would be. Thankfully, these are not normal circumstances, and we can say without hesitation that artist Brandi Marie Little’s tattooed animals are like a renaissance inspired dream. Using animals that would otherwise be deemed “undesirable,” Little creates unbelievable masterpieces using nothing more than acrylic paint on canvas combined with a whole lot of raw talent, but hidden somewhere behind the delicate brush strokes lies a surreal, somewhat sorrowful beauty.

Using a mix of muted pastels and earth tones, Little creates hauntingly beautiful portraits of tattooed animals. Tiny rabbits, misunderstood sphinx cats, and a goofy pug with the most hilarious pompadour make up just a few of her subjects. “My art focuses on my love of animals and the way that we choose to interact with them,” says Little. “Picking favorites, assigning human characteristics, and holding onto prejudices. I view societal perceptions as flexible, but resistant, and I am fascinated by the constant push/pull actions of alternative cultures. Even history sometimes needs to be rewritten.” Of course, what Little is referring to is the underlying human instinct to avoid such creatures. 

What’s most interesting is her innate ability to take the lab rat or the hairless cat, and portray it in its’ truest light: innocence and purity in every single form. Little says, “I believe that the relationships and ideas we hold with animals can also reveal much about our inner selves.” An interesting perspective, as most people are turned off by such creatures that are generally deemed strange and unusual. Is it their peculiarity that sets them apart, or is it perhaps that we as a collective society long for nothing more than to fit in, and never deviate from the norm?

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Regardless of the underlying meaning behind her portraits, what we do know for certain is that the artistry behind them is phenomenal. So if you harbor a particular fondness for animals that deviate from the generally standard of what is “cute”, look no further than Little’s little cuties.

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