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The Art We Live Our Lives In: Architecture Tattoos

The Art We Live Our Lives In: Architecture Tattoos

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The buildings within the architecture tattoos reminds us that we live our lives in many powerful art forms, tattoos and buildings included.

Many people may not consider architecture to be a fine art form...but it is. We tend to forget that the buildings and spaces we live our lives in; we visit them so often they just become the backdrop of our day to day life. But if you think about it, certain spaces, certain buildings can fill you with peace or foreboding...there are perhaps memories of being in places that follow you for years. These architecture tattoos are reminiscent of that: they are each an homage to the fabulous things that humans can build.

Alex Zampirri's example of Frank Lloyd Wright's beautiful house 'Falling Water' shows the power when two awesome art forms collide. Frank Lloyd Wright probably had no idea his work would spark architecture tattoos, but we've seen many interpretations of his work in tattoo form. Probably most popular is the Guggenheim building, a staple of New York museum culture. A few other tattoos in this architecture tattoo collection that are important New York historical landmarks include Mr K's tattoo of the Empire State Building. Many of these pieces are illustrative in nature, but A.Zamp's architecture tattoo proves that you can create a tattoo in any style you prefer.

Again, people almost always get tattoos of things they love or admire. You wouldn't get a tattoo of pickles if you hated them right? Or maybe you would. But for the most part, someone who gets architecture tattoos is clearly interested in the buildings that shape our lives, that places that we live our lives in. So often buildings become cubes, boxes, cookie cutter houses that are only boring replicas of what someone else built...but architecture is an art that should be highly respected, just like tattoos. Each shape our lives, we live with each of these art forms forever.

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