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The Battle Royale: Watch an Iconic Tattoo Come to Life

The Battle Royale: Watch an Iconic Tattoo Come to Life

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In this video tattooist CJ Fishburn gives us a history lesson as he executes a design by Huck Spaulding and Paul Rogers.

A diving eagle prepares to dig its talons into the flesh of a dragon. A snake lunges forward with its jaws open wide, its long body wrapped around both dragon and eagle. Three vehement creatures are prepared to fiercely fight for their lives. Welcome to the Battle Royale, one of the most revered motifs in the history of tattooing.

CJ Fishburn putting color into the Battle Royale back piece. (via IG - boygentleman) #cjfishburn #traditional #battleroyale

Without a time machine this is the closest a person can come to getting a tattoo from those tattoo legends in 2017. When he walked out of Cathedral Tattoo, Dan was a walking piece of tattoo history. This back piece shows the time honored tradition of mentors passing down their knowledge — and their designs — to eager apprentices and allows us to feel a connection to those icons of years gone past.

Created by: Josh & Dan Fletcher

Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

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