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The Best Egg Ever: Gudetama Tattoos

The Best Egg Ever: Gudetama Tattoos

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If you haven't heard of these Gudetama tattoos, then you must be living under a rock. He's the greatest egg.

Our new favorite Sanrio character is sparking awesome ink all over the place: check out this collection of Gudetama tattoos to get in touch with all those lazy and sad feels. So where did this weird egg creature come from? Japan, which we're sure is no surprise. They're basically genius at almost everything...including creating anthropomorphic buddies that perfectly exude couch potato syndrome aka clinical Gudetama! He's basically a beautiful lil golden colored egg yolk with the cutest little butt you've ever seen. He say's things like, "I can't." and "Meh." just like we say them!!

So these Gudetama tattoos are also pretty incredible because not only do they celebrate a worldwide sensation, but they also celebrate that us humans really let silly things like eggs resonate with us and take up permanent resident in our sad sweet hearts. But this isn't the first time Sanrio has created a character that we all love...Hello Kitty made her first appearance in 1974 and she's now been made into everything from toasters to car seat covers. And while Hello Kitty may be the embodiment that is everything adorable, Gudetama is the embodiment of everything...meh....grey? He's like the modern version of Eeyore. Hopefully you Westerners get it now.

And if you still don't get worries. Gudetama has his own book called, "Eggsistential Thoughts" to help you understand what it's like being trapped in a hard shell of apathy. But we're sure when you finally do get it, you'll fall in love with this lazy lil egg yolk and add to this marvelous collection of Gudetama tattoos...and if you already have one: you best be getting over to the App store, download our app , and upload a picture of your Gudetama tattoo cuz we wanna see it while we rusticate on our kitchen floor thinking thoughts about the nothingness of existence.

Written byTattoodo

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