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The Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in Europe

If you’ve fallen in love with the subtle beauty of Fineline tattoos, you’re not alone! This soft and romantic style of tattooing has grown in popularity over the years, leaving many wondering where they can find the best Fineline tattoo artists. To assist you in your Fineline tattoo journey, we have compiled a list of some of the most talented European artists within this stunning aesthetic. So, if you’re trying to find the perfect artist to craft your Fineline all-black rose tattoo, or design a delicate portrait, you’ve come to the right place.

Read along to check out our Fineline tattoo gallery and peep our best Fineline European artist picks!

Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in Germany

Madame Unikat: Minimalist Surrealism Tattoo Artist in Berlin

If you find yourself drawn to abstract and surrealism style tattoos, Madame Unikat is an artist to keep on your radar! Through her minimalist and distorted approach, Madame Unikat creates unique renderings of nature, nude women, and disjointed faces in a style reminiscent of acclaimed fine artists like Picasso. The themes of her work surround concepts like sexuality, identity, evolution, nature, love, and female empowerment. So, if you’re searching for a highly-skilled minimalist tattoo artist to design your next statement piece, Madame Unikat is sure to deliver a unique Fineline tattoo to remember.

Not sure what you’re looking for? You can always explore her mesmerizing collection of flash for inspiration.

Abstract Kandinsky inspired handpoked piece

La Bottega dell’Arte: Abstract Portrait Tattoo Artist in Berlin

La Bottega dell’Arte possesses a distinct style all her own, meshing the worlds of tattooing and fine art to create unforgettable abstract-style pieces. From Jean-Michel Basquiat portrait tattoos to Trash Polka roses, La Bottega dell’Arte successfully combines an array of styles to create tattoos that feel like masterful highbrow collages. Some of her favorite motifs are architecture, nature scenes, and portraits accented by symbolism and phrases.

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Illustrative tattoo by La Bottega dell'Arte #LaBottegadellArte

Hand Job Tattoo: Fierce Fineline Tattoo Artist in Berlin

If you love Fineline tattoos with a punk vibe, you’ll be immediately drawn to the work of Hand Job Tattoo. Working out of Berlin, Hand Job has created a signature aesthetic using just linework. Some of his favorite motifs to work with are dogs, unique lettering, humorous sexual scenes, and angels. While he works almost exclusively in black ink, many of his designs feature red ink as well, creating a stunning contrast within his pieces.

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Pini: Illustrative Fineline Tattoo Artist in Munich

Owner of Odd Ink and Tattoo, Pini, is an incredibly versatile Fineline tattooer, working primarily with natural elements and wildlife, but well-equipped to handle any subject matter in-between. From flowers sprouting out of hearts to dinosaurs renderings and single needle rose tattoos, Pini uniquely approaches each piece while still maintaining her signature style and feel.

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Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in France

Eva Edelstein: Fineline Floral Tattoo Artist in Paris

Eva Edelstein is a highly-talented single-needle tattoo artist hailing from Paris. She specializes in floral and nature-focused imagery, showcased perfectly by her aesthetic. Her delicate and feminine style lends itself to her subject matter, allowing the tattoos to softly complement the skin while conveying a sense of purity and innocence. If you have been wanting a tattoo but can’t commit to something bold, Eva Edelstein is a superb selection, as she is sure to bring your idea to life in a manner that feels both elegant and understated.

If you’re searching for a Fineline artist to design a text-based tattoo, Eva Edelstein is also highly-skilled in Fineline script and lettering for tattoos of phrases or wording.

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Fineline flower tattoo by Eva Edelstein aka evadesoleepapa #EvaEdelstein #evadesoleepapa

Katie Mcpayne: Socially Conscious Fineline Tattoo Artist in Paris

If you’re moved by tattoos promoting body-positivity, equality, and self-acceptance, you’ll be sure to fall in love with the work of non-binary tattooer, Katie Mcpayne. Katie’s work embodies the fight for racial equality, gender equality, and self-love. Her Fineline tattoos feel whimsical and joyous even when they tackle painful subject matter, as demonstrated in her remembrance tattoo for the victims of the Birmingham church bombing. So if you’re looking for a safe place to be tattooed as a person of color or member of the LGBTQ+ community, Katie Mcpayne may be the perfect European Fineline tattooer for you!

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Mike End: Fineline Blackwork Tattoo Artist in Paris

If the concepts of death, self-empowerment, and love intrigue you, Mike End is a talented European Fineline tattooer to remember! Mike’s tattooing style effortlessly blends elements of Blackwork with the elegance of Fineline tattooing, helping him to craft impeccable tattoos that feel timeless. So whether you’re seeking a Fine Line portrait of your beloved dog, or a macabre representation of duality, you’ll be in good hands with Mike End. Mike is also well-versed with creating unique font-based tattoos, so if you’re looking for a skilled Fineline lettering artist, he’s a superb choice!

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Thx Pierre for the trust. Custom done at Nuit Blanche Tattoo - Paris #tattooing #snaketattoo #btattooing #finelinetattoo #rosetattoo #paristattoo #paris #blackwork

Yokaï Hermit: Fineline Anime Tattoo Artist in Paris

If you love anime and Japanese culture, the work of European Fineline tattooer, Yokai Hermit will be certain to grab your attention! From badass Demon Slayer tattoos to surrealist Uzumaki pieces, Hermit brings all of your favorite characters to life in a style pulsing with energy and emotive expression. For those seeking a more traditional Japanese tattoo, Hermit also creates stunning Fineline Hannya mask tattoos and unique renditions of katana swords, and Japanese lettering.

Tomie (manga de junji ito) |Designed by me At L'Encrerie Paris Instagram: yokai.hermit #junjiito #BlackworkTattoos #blackwork #animetattoo #paris

Sad Amish: Female Empowerment Fineline Tattoo Artist in Bordeaux

Sad Amish is a provocative and highly-talented Fineline tattoo artist working out of Bordeaux, France. When she’s not tattooing at home she enjoys traveling worldwide, so make sure to keep an eye out for what cities she’ll be visiting next! Sad Amish’s work stands out due to her impeccable artistry and her unapologetic representations of women owning their sexuality. From women displaying beauty and strength while dancing on poles to women taking the dominant role in sexual scenarios, Sad Amish’s stunning Fineline tattoos breathe empowerment and proud sexual prowess.

Eternal love done at @thechurchworkshop with love ? #tattoodo #sadamish #love

Doryan Ben: Whimsical Fineline Tattoo Artist in Maisons-Alfort

Doryan Ben creates tattoos for the hopeful, optimistic, and warm at heart. From charming teddy bear tattoos to goofy dinosaurs, Ben creates a world all his own, permeated with joy and laughter. His signature Fineline approach makes these feel-good tattoos appear more refined in their display, and paired with his incredible linework and artistic sensibility, the tattoos can deliver emotion without strong color elements or loud facets. So if you’re searching for one of the best European Fineline tattooers to create your next heart-warming piece, you should definitely explore the work of artist Doryan Ben!

Lettrage fin et colombe

Praspberry Grafikdesign: Fineline Floral Tattoo Artist in Châlons-en-Champagne

If you love the soft romance of Fineline flower tattoos or the subtle elegance of single-needle koi fish, Praspberry Grafikdesign is sure to spark your interest. Working exclusively out of Châlons-en-Champagne, Praspberry crafts delicate and precise Fine-Line tattoos that serve to complement the wearer’s body and allow the subject matter to flourish. So, if you have been searching for the right French artist to design your peony rib piece, or create a Fineline butterfly tattoo, rest assured that Praspberry possesses the skill-level and artistic vision to execute your special vision.

Fineline matching floral tattoos by Praspberry Grafikdesign #PraspberryGrafikdesign

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Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in Portugal

Sasha Fox: Fineline Geometric and Lettering Tattoo Artist in Lisbon

Sasha Fox is a highly-skilled tattooer who works exclusively in a Fineline Blackwork style. Though his single-needle designs are delicate in application, the art still exudes power thanks to his superb design work. Whether you’re searching for a Fineline dinosaur skeleton tattoo or a realistic micro tattoo of your cat, Sasha Fox is versatile enough to execute any vision. For fans of unique lettering and font styles, Fox is also well-equipped to breathe life into even the tiniest of tattoos, so if you’re searching for a single word phrase or a cursive Fineline script quote, Fox is the premier Portugal tattooer to bring your vision to life!

Fineline script tattoo "know your worth" by sashatattooist #sashatattooist

Arie Fasant: Ethereal Woodcut Fineline Tattoo Artist in Lisbon

If visions of Japanese shibari, surrealism, old-world sculptures, and ancient busts intrigue you, Arie Fasant is an unforgettable European Fineline tattooer to get familiar with! Fasant’s elegant woodcut depictions of dragons and M.C. Esher inspired tattoos have gained him well-deserved notoriety thanks to his fine-art feel and timeless aesthetic. So if you find yourself drawn to occult depictions of Mother Nature, daring surrealist dreamscapes, and representations of mysterious goddesses, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Fasant’s Fineline tattoos.

Tattoo by Arie Fasant #ArieFasant

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Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in Spain

Majo: Delicate Fineline Tattoo Artist in Barcelona

For fans of dainty and delicate Fineline tattooing, Barcelona artist Majo is easily one of the top European artists within this aesthetic. Whether you’re interested in an innocent floral tattoo or a Fineline lettering piece, Majo delivers skillfully on all fronts. Her clean and elegant style allows her tattoos to feel muted and demure while still able to grab your attention. If you’re looking to add some additional elements to your tattoo, Majo works skillfully with abstract accents and geometrical shapes as well. From tarot card tattoos to micro floral pieces, Majo has the steady hand and artistic integrity to bring your quaint and feminine piece to life.

Chest Fineline tattoo by Majo aka majojotattoo #Majo #majojotattoo

Asier Martinez Berasategui: Micro Fineline Tattoo Artist in Barcelona

If you’re looking for a tiny tattoo crafted with precision, Asier Martinez Berasategui is a European Fineline artist that will truly impress you! No matter what the subject matter, Berasategui achieves clean and stunning results. From tiny lion tattoos to micro nature scenes, Berasategui skillfully renders detailed pieces in a small and delicate manner. For those who may not be ready to venture into a large-scaled piece, this may be the perfect Fineline European artist for you!

Tiny tiger tattoo by Asier Martinez Berasategui aka asiertattoo #asiertattoo #AsierMartinezBerasategui

Lesya Kovalchuk aka Les Crow Tattoo: Woodcut Fineline Mythology Tattoo Artist in Barcelona

Inspired by artistic greats like Dore and Durer, Lesya Kovalchuk creates impeccable Fineline masterpieces in her signature woodcut style aesthetic. Working exclusively in black ink, Kovalchuk’s highly-detailed Fineline tattoos span the concepts of spirituality, mythology, and religion. If you’ve been searching for an artist to create a large-scale etching style tattoo, Kovalchuk will be sure to exceed your expectations!

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Angels and demons tattoo by Lesya Kovalchuk. #LesyaKovalchuk #blackwork #angel #demon #war #fight #fallenangel

Tomagematoma: Illustrative Fineline Tattoo Artist in Barcelona

If you love tattoos that possess an opulent feel, Tomagematoma is a Fineline Barcelona tattoo artist you’ll be sure to fall in love with! All of Tomagematoma’s pieces reflect an understated and elegant beauty made possible by her incredible use of shade and light and the steady precision behind her tattoos. Though her pieces utilize minimal line-work and feature an absence of color, Tomagematoma manages to infuse personality and purpose within all of her designs. From carefree stingrays that seem to float along the skin to lone pieces of foliage that appear to brush against the body, Tomagematoma is masterful in her aesthetic and technique. Whether you’re interested in a large-scale Fineline floral sleeve, or an ornate micro tattoo of a dagger, Tomagematoma is more than capable of working with a variety of subject matter and size requests.

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Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in Italy

Tommaso Zetti: Spiritual Fineline Tattoo Artist in Florence

Tommaso Zetti is a precise and highly-skilled Fineline tattooer with an affinity for all things ethereal. His elegant tattoos often depict imagery of cherubs, goddesses, and spiritual symbolism. Zetti also works skillfully with wildlife, often crafting intriguing snake tattoos. So if you’re interested in a Fineline tattoo depicting Metatron’s cube or the Garden of Eden, look no further than Barcelona’s own, Tommaso Zetti.

Alfonso Ciulla: Mystical Fineline Tattoo Artist in Milan

If visions of chakra tattoos, sacred geometry pieces, and third eye symbolism excite you, Milan-based tattooer Alfonso Ciulla may be the right Fineline artist for you. Ciulla masterfully brings mystical concepts to life via his steady hand and soft approach. Outside of his spiritually influenced tattoos, Ciulla also creates unforgettable floral, wildlife, and Ornamental-style pieces.

Fineline rose tattoo by Alfonso Ciulla #alfonsociulla

Lana: Vibrant Fineline Tattoo Artist in Milan

Milan-based tattooer, Lana easily stands out from other European Fineline artists, thanks to her sunny and bright color palette and exceptional ability to craft tattoos with minimal line work. Lana’s tattoos appear like a painting on the skin, often utilizing a beautiful watercolor approach. So, if you love hummingbird tattoos dripping with cheer and serene crescent moon pieces draped with flowers, you’ll be sure to love her warm and charming style of Fineline tattooing.

Watercolor tattoo by Lana aka Rainbowtattoo #Lana #Rainbowtattoo

Gianluca Rondina: Minimalist Fineline Tattoo Artist in Livorno

If you enjoy abstract art, prefer minimalist tattoos, and possess a love for black ink, Gianluca Rondina is an important Fineline tattoo artist to know! Many of Rondina’s tattoos are created using only outlines with no shading or unnecessary details. The beauty of Rondina’s work lies in her ability to strip an image down to its bare bones while still leaving it instantly recognizable. For those who prefer shading, or who may be looking for a more detailed piece, Rondina is highly-skilled at portraiture and etching-style pieces as well.

SISTERs b/g tattoo Via cairoli 30(1ºpiano)Livorno Xinfo :?0586/1753076 ? #ink #inkedgirls #tattoolife #tattooed #inked #sister #paint #tattoist #inkedlife #Tattoo #fine #inklife #portrait #inkstagram #bodyart #fineline #mini

Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in Denmark

Xenia Aros: Surrealist Fineline Tattoo Artist in Copenhagen

Xenia Aros creates a distorted, surrealist world all her own through her unique Fineline tattoos. Although subject matter like faces, wildlife, and foliage are common within Fineline tattooing, Aros takes these popular motifs and makes them truly one-of-a-kind through her inventive use of symbolism and surrealist flair. So, if you’re searching for a daisy tattoo donning an expressive face or an improbable looking animal, Xenia Aros is the best European artist to bring these fun concepts to life.

Surreal heart tattoo by Xenia Aros #XeniaAros

Saeid: Sacred Geometry Fineline Tattoo Artist in Copenhagen

If you’re searching for one of the most talented Fineline tattooers in Europe, you need to explore the work of Copenhagen-based artist, Saeid. Though Saeid works with a multitude of styles and aesthetics, one of the staples is his use of sacred geometry and his flawless precision within the Fineline style. From fierce scorpion tattoos to smooth 3-D portraits of Jimmy Hendrix, Saeid brings a level of discipline and perspective that is hard to match.

Fabel Tattoo: Fineline Tattoo Shop in Copenhagen

If you’re seeking a top-rated Fineline tattoo studio in Copenhagen, Fabel Tattoo may be your perfect match! Comprised of artists Emma Kristin, Lucas Iglesias, and Jeppe Dahl Rørdam, Fabel Tattoo has become well-known for its superb Fineline aesthetic. From minimalist style pieces to detailed portraiture, Fabel Tattoo can skillfully handle any of your Fineline needs.

Fineline Spiderman tattoo by Emma Kristin #EmmaKristin

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Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in The UK

Kathy Zhang: Dainty Fineline Tattoo Artist in London, England

Many people fall in love with Fineline tattooing due to the styles tendency to feel soft and romantic in nature. If this applies to you, you’ll be sure to enjoy Kathy Zhang’s superior Fineline creations. From photo-realistic portraits to micro tattoos and exquisite lettering, Zhang has truly mastered the art of Fineline tattooing. Her soft and dream-like tattoos often focus on concepts like nature and spirituality and embody an unforgettable sense of peace and serenity.

Fineline tattoo by Kathy Zhang #kathyzhang331 #kathyzhang

Tanja Lindsay: Ornamental Fineline Tattoo Artist in Belfast, Northern Ireland

If romantic, nature-focused tattoos stir your interest, Tanja Lindsay is an important European artist to get familiar with! Lindsay’s Ornamental infused Fineline creations range from all-black to full color depending on your preference. She is also skilled at creating super tiny tattoos and large-scale pieces, so no matter what your request, rest assured that you’re in good hands with Lindsay. From stunning tiger portraits to dainty dragonflies, Lindsay brings the world of nature and spirituality to fruition through her impeccable skill-level and 10+ years of experience in tattooing.

Exhausted Artist: Botanical Fineline Tattoo Artist in Glasgow, Scotland

Exhausted Artist is an exceptionally talented Fineline tattooer who crafts minimalist portraits, full-color floral tattoos, and detailed all-black pieces. Her work is filled with notions of humor, balance, and optimism. Many of her tattoos feel like odes to spiritual growth, connection to all, and awakening, which provides her work with an uplifting feel. Her nature inspired portraits are among some of her favorite works, combining the beauty of the feminine form with the serenity of foliage and flowers.

Tattoo by Exhausted Artist #ExhaustedArtist

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Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in Belgium

Alexis (A.K.A. Inkalpha): Hyper-realistic Portrait Tattoo Artist in Liège

If you’re a fan of imaginative micro-portraits and Fineline surrealism you’ll fall in love with Belgian tattooer Alexis, also known by his Instagram handle, “Inkalpha”. Alexis effortlessly blends minimalist geometric elements with traditional Fineline subject matter, working to create unique portraits that feel timeless and high-brow. For those who love pop-culture references and abstract elements in Fineline tattooing, you’ll definitely appreciate Alexis’s moody and playful approach to these motifs.

Turtle tattoo by Alexis aka inkalpha #Alexis #inkalpha

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Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in Sweden

Sad Tattooist: Blackwork Fineline Tattoo Artist in Lund

Sad Tattooist’s surrealist world of melting scissors, warped giraffes, and mind-bending mandalas needs to be seen to be believed. The artist otherwise known as Elias is the co-owner of beloved Lund shop, Romantic Tattooing, and has been creating some of the most innovative and imaginative designs that Fineline tattooing has to offer. Through his Blackwork style Sad Tattooist crafts mesmerizing and somehow joyful pieces, like his classic Bianca del Rio portrait tattoo featuring a “Not Today Satan” fan. So, if you’re looking for an elegant tattoo artist to bring your next surreal or nature-focused idea to life, Sad Tattooist is an excellent choice!

Tattoo by Sad Tattooist #SadTattooist

Simon Gyllström: Fineline and Blackwork Traditional Tattoo Artist in Lund

The moody, dark, and romantic world of tattoo artist Simon Gyllström is perfectly complimented by his precise and tasteful style of Fineline tattooing. From urns donning scorpions to singular roses and dreamy portraits, Gyllström is well-versed in crafting unique and timeless tattoos drenched in symbolism. If you prefer Blackwork style pieces, you’ll be sure to fall in love with Gyllström’s signature blend of Fineline elegance and fierce Traditional elements.

Hand tattoo by Simon Gyllstrom #SimonGyllstrom

Best Fineline Tattoo Artists in Prague

Kat Tatt: Minimalist Portrait Tattoo Artist in Prague

If you love minimal linework paired with maximum personality, you’ll love the quirky and unorthodox tattoos of Kat Tatt. For lovers of cartoonish and otherworldly characters, Kat’s work is chock full of adorable animals rendered in a minimalist, Fineline fashion. Currently, Kat works out of beloved Prague tattoo studio, Blackout Tettu, where she crafts one-of-a-kind Fineline tattoos brimming with persona and charm.

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Doggo by Kat Tatt #KatTatt

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