The Blackwork of Mad-Skilled Ien Levin

The Blackwork of Mad-Skilled Ien Levin

I don’t know what I find more insane - Ien’s ideas or his skills!

Ones again our app comes to the rescue! I stumbled upon this mad-skilled artist looking for blackwork and decided to share some more of his work with you guys! 

Ukraine-based artist Ien Levin never went to art school but has been drawing since he was a kiddo. He does blackwork and dotshading with a secure hand and his designs are inspired by wildlife, the occult, geometric art, science, and history.

It's really not easy to figure out what goes on in this guy's head, but to me, his tattoos capture a very special atmosphere. It's like they have a whimsical and nostalgic vibe to them and at the same time, they're a bit eerie... - anyways - decide for yourself with these ridiculously captivating pics!  

Check out the details below: 

The above picture is accompanied by a comment from Ien:  "A collection of my work which is big and old enough to track my transformation and evolving as a tattooist." 

It's true - when scrolling through his portfolio it's clear to see he's been on a journey as a tattooist!

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