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The Bold and Beautiful Hybrid Style of Boshka Grygoriew Alvy

The Bold and Beautiful Hybrid Style of Boshka Grygoriew Alvy

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Combining elements of traditional Tibetan with old school style. Who would have thought the two worlds would collide?

It’s always fun to see what happens when artists take on a style of their own by mixing elements of two completely different genres. This can best be seen in artists like Sasha Unisex who combines elements of geometry, watercolor, and illustrative techniques to form a brand new style that’s all her own. Much like Unisex there is an artist who’s using their knowledge of both traditional Tibetan tattoos, as well as old school techniques from masters like Sailor Jerry, to create a brand new style of tattooing. Meet artist Boshka Grygoriew Alvy of of Good Times Tattoo in sunny London.

Using traditional Tibetan iconography — like Kali the Hindu goddess who is believed to be the destroyer of evil, foo dogs who are guardians of believed to ward away evil spirits, and the classic chrysanthemums and koi which represent perfection and courage respectively — she creates beautiful renditions of much loved classics. Combining her knowledge of old school tattoos, with their bold lines and color palette, and the sacred imagery used in traditional Tibetan tattoos, Alvy creates a truly unique style that’s all her own. Favoring gods and animals as her main subjects, something about Alvy’s work alludes to a certain grace.

Much like her tattoos, her flash contains much of the same subject matter — gods and animals — but opts for much more colorful line work that wouldn’t necessarily translate quite as well to a tattoo. Calming blues and greys find their way into her fine art, but our favorite use of color are the colorful dots that speckle the furs of her animals. Using hues of orange, black, grey, and white the colorful freckles are an incredibly fun addition that keeps the onlooker guessing.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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