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The Bold and The Beautiful: Timeless Traditional Tattoos

The Bold and The Beautiful: Timeless Traditional Tattoos

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This collection of traditional tattoos just proves how beautifully timeless these pieces truly are.

There are reasons why traditional tattoos have outlasted any trend in tattooing: they're powerful, easily readable, and the iconography is full of important cultural history. The old tattooing quote, "Bold Will Hold" is also a very integral factor in why traditional tattoos are so successful. They age well, and they look good even after 50 years has gone by. Even still to this day you can sometimes see old timers with Sailor Jerry swallows and anchors that look just as cool as they did decades ago. The traditional tattoos in this collection will be exactly the same!

The pieces in this traditional tattoo collection give a great overview of how contemporary artists are using timeless traditional design motifs and revamping them with their own style and outlook. Berly Boy's lady head gets a surrealist touch with creepy mouths for eyes. Beau Brady gives his lady head Japanese flair with lush peony flowers. Even Matt Andersson's piece, although very much built with traditional tattoo iconography, stands out with an obvious power that holds the eye captive with its colors and clean lines. This scalp tattoo will stand out and be seen from miles away!

Although they may not be your thing, and maybe you're way more interested in realism than traditional tattoos, there is a reason that the fundamentals of tattoos are built on these timeless pieces. The design motifs, the thick black outline that will hold its place for decades to come, and even the simple clean colors are true and tested. It's incredibly cool to know, also, that with a traditional tattoo, you'll be carrying on the Western tradition of tattooing. You'll be a part of thousands of people who use their skin to be a living homage of the greatest tattooers who came before us and were the foundations of the tattoo community we know and love today.

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