The Bold, Bright and Graphic New School Style of David Tevenal

The Bold, Bright and Graphic New School Style of David Tevenal

David Tevenal's paintings and tattoos will make your eyes pop with their bold graphic colors like comics on skin.

David Tevenal is a tattoo artist that keeps popping up in my Facebook newsfeed with insanely good color pieces that demand a click. His paintings and tattoos grab hold of your eyeballs and make you go WOW especially if you're a fan of new Japanese style, graphic arts, comics and geek lifestyle. David Tevenal say he is influenced by Americana, contemporary art and Japanese style and he certainly adds his own flavor to his new school tattoo designs. From mythical beasts to some of your favorite superheroes and villains  Mr. Tevenal has some seriously sick tattoos and flash paintings. Check out these badboys....

First lets take a look at his awesome flash and illustration.

From flash to the flesh...

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