The Bold Traditional Tattoos of Ben Karnofsky

The Bold Traditional Tattoos of Ben Karnofsky

A cheeky new take on American traditional.

It’s always fun when you find an artist who takes a style and reinvents it in a way that’s both creative and unique. Traditional tattoos are always beautiful, with clean lines and bold color defining the style, but artist Ben Karnofsky’s spin on traditional is exceptionally clever.

Based out of Sailor Grave Tattoo in San Diego, California, Karnofsky’s style is rooted in American traditional with a cheeky twist. The same iconic imagery that we’ve all come to know and love in traditional is still there, but with a refreshing twist. Depicting a traditional tiger with a motorcycle helmet, a rose whose center bud is an eyeball, and a mermaid with larger than life assets, his creatively cheeky style is an absolute delight.

You can see more of Karnofsky's creative characters on his Instagram.

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