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The Breakout Tattoo Artists Who Totally Killed It In 2016

The Breakout Tattoo Artists Who Totally Killed It In 2016

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Who are among the tattoo artists who owned 2016 with their mind-blowing, game-changing tattoos?

Every year, we see several tattoo artists stand out among the rest with alternative works that really challenge tattooing as an art form and their skills as artists. But regardless of how it blew up into one, massive plot twist, 2016 is still blessed to have seen dozens of talents rise with their glorious works that redefined the industry. This is my complete list of all the said artists but it highlights some of the most worthy names in the scene who made this year worth remembering.


It's surprising to see how one tattoo artists can drastically grow in the course of only one year. Chris Rigoni started 2016 with mashups of contemporary designs and will be ending it with a beautiful mess of gradients, geometric elements, and evocative portraits that turn his works into real game-changers.


At STTTVISION Studio, it has been the year of the snake. Why? Because Mirko Sata stunned everyone with his ravishing, reptilian designs that featured serpents lineated in a variety of unconventional tattoo colors. He really gave a new meaning to the traditional yin and yang with his alternative designs.


Let me say just one thing: Zihwa is queen. Her fine-line floral tattoos are enough to make anyone feel like a royalty. And boy do they look majestic! She has the ability to make something look calming and intense at the same time. In 2016, she not only ruled Reindeer Ink, but the tattoo scene as well.


Eva's charming, highly-detailed orbs made everyone feverish with delight (and feel really envious!) with all the sceneries and landscapes the Turkish tattooer managed to fit in something so tiny. She's also currently experimenting with other sorts of micro tattoos, testing how many details she can incorporate in smaller pieces.


Mattia Mambo is one kooky character. He designed these semi abstract—like works that consist of pure boldness: bold linework and bold, bright colors. He described his works as deconstructivism and it's definitely not something you see every day, but no one's complaining. Keep it coming, Mattia!


It won't be a 2016 list without fine-line micro tattoos the South Koreans made their mark with. One of the most talented ones out there is Sol, a versatile fine line worker whose works continued to go viral throughout the year. With the impossibly fine details, loving pastel colors, and steady hands, Sol is still winning.


Wanderlust gal Pis Saro communicates through body language with her gorgeous floral designs that look incredible on any client she may have. The Crimean beauty reflects the wonders of her peninsula through her botanical works, which are mostly designed from the exact copy flowers freshly picked by Saro herself.


From his early days of apprenticeship in London to rubbing elbows with New York's elites at Bang Bang NYC, Balazs Bercsenyi keeps both feet planted to the ground and continues to make incredibly high-detailed work in pointillism and blackwork. Watch him illustrate the iconic New York cityscapes with his fine lines and details that keep him at the top of his game.


German-Iranian tattoo artist Mo Ganji challenges his creativity through a single-line rule in his works which have resulted in stunning yet minimalist creations throughout 2016. He is able to create interconnected portraits and unique drawings with his single-line tattoos.

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