The Bright Neo-Traditional Tattoos Of Alice Perrin

The Bright Neo-Traditional Tattoos Of Alice Perrin

UK tattoo artist Alice Perrin is inspired by traditional tattoos, but adds a vibrant, girly twist.

Alice Perrin tattoos are striking, bold and executed in her distinctive neo-traditional style.

Flowers tattoo by Alice Perrin #AlicePerrin #flowers #neotraditional #floral (Photo: Instagram @alish_p)

You may know Alice Perrin from E4's TV programme, Tattoo Fixers

I have personally been tattooed by Alice before, and have many pieces of her art in my home - both on and off my body! That's why, I wanted to share some of my favourite Alice Perrin tattoos.

Using traditional imagery and an abundance of flowers, all with a colorful, girly twist, Alice is creating her own distinctive tattoo style.

Gorgeous colors, solid shading and an attention to detail make anyone wearing an Alice Perrin tattoo, one lucky individual!

All photos from Alice's Instagram.

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