The Cast of 'Pretty Little Liars' Got Pretty Little Tattoos

The Cast of 'Pretty Little Liars' Got Pretty Little Tattoos

As the beloved show comes to a close the actresses involved bonded with tattoos.

For seven seasons fans have followed the crazy happenings in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, on the ABC Family hit Pretty Little Liars. The program was at times a typical teen drama, at other times a crime thriller, but it always riveted audiences. 

Now that the show has wrapped up filming for their final season the cast was looking for a way to pay tribute to all the years together. What better way than with tattoos?!

The cast of Pretty Little Liars show off their new tattoos. (Via IG - prettylittleliars) #entertainment #tv #prettylittleliars #popculture #finger

Awwwww. Each actress got the first initial of her character's name tattooed on their "Shhhhhh" finger. Since lies, deception, and secrets were what the show is all about — it is called Pretty Little LIARS after all — the tattoo seems like a very apt tribute. 

See! She's even doing the "shhhhh" thing in this promo photo! (Via IG - prettylittleliars) #entertainment #tv #prettylittleliars #popculture #finger

Kudos to you ladies of Pretty Little Liars, we love the new tattoos. You hear so many horror stories about actors despising each other in real life so stories like this one are always great to hear. 

If you want to learn about other casts that bonded through getting matching tattoos, like the Lord of the Rings fellas and The Suicide Squadclick here. 

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