The Classy Blackwork of WookJuun Lee aka Madam Tattooer

The Classy Blackwork of WookJuun Lee aka Madam Tattooer

This sweet-faced stunner leads a double life, unleashing his dark side through his striking tattoos.

When he's not at Studio Lucent, Madam Tattooer is a young, fresh-faced millennial who enjoys frequenting coffee shops, smelling fresh flowers, and dreaming of visiting the harbors of Sicily again. But when he's on the tattoo machine as Madam Tattooer, WookJuun is a serious blackworker who does tastefully rich blackwork tattoos of elegant and traditional designs. He fits the walls of Studio Lucent perfectly with his classy, dark works existing among the equally striking monochrome designs decorating the small studio located in the heart of Seoul.

Blackwork scissors center tattoo by WookJuun Lee. #WookJuunLee #MadamTattooer #Madam #blackwork #scissors #sternum

Most of his tattoos feature a variety of beasts such as insects embedded in antique artifacts, dragons sensually molding a woman's figure, and more blackwork curiosities. WookJuun does everything from large-scale to fillers, but feels more at home with the standard 4x4 tattoos in clean and bold linework.

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All photos were taken by WookJuun Lee. See the rest of his works on Instagram.

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