The Coolest, Fastest Echidna In The World: Knuckles

The Coolest, Fastest Echidna In The World: Knuckles

Looking at tattoos of the best Sonic Universe character, and also my hero, Knuckles

Probably the thing that irritates me most about the Sonic The Hedgehog universe has got to be how the superior and cooler Knuckles The Echidna always takes a backseat to the lamer Sonic The Hedgehog.

(Editor’s note: Fucking damn it, Servo. We assigned you an article about knuckle tattoos, not Knuckles tattoos! I swear to Christ, if your uncle didn’t own this company you would be out of a job so fast your head would spin. Everyone here is tired of your stupidity, knock it the fuck off!)

I’m not the only one who feels this way. Sure, Sonic can run super fast (as all hedgehogs can), but so can Knuckles. Knuckles can also climb walls, punch boulders, and fly – none of which Sonic can do. Plus, Knuckles just looks cooler.

Ever since Sonic 3 dropped on the original Sega Genesis, Knuckles has left the less cool hedgehog in the dust. No matter how you feel, I’m sure we can all agree that Sonic The Hedgehog is the best classic video game series and both Sonic and Knuckles are way cooler than Mario or Luigi, Link from Zelda, Pac Man, or even Toe Jam and Earl.

(Editor’s note: This is unpublishable. This is a website about cool tattoos, not lame video games. None of our readers care about this shit, and we certainly don’t care about this shit.)

Knuckles also beats Sonic in another way: there are way sweeter tattoos of Knuckles than Sonic out there. Just take a look at all of these totally rad pics of Knuckles tattooed on my fellow super Sonic fans. Just crank some tasty vaporwave tunes and enjoy!

(Editor’s note: Well, I guess if the imagery is there, we’ll run the article.)

Wow, those are some sick Knuckles tattoos! While you’ve got Sonic on your mind, why not take a look at this awesome video countdown of the top ten hottest female characters in the Sonic universe.

(Editor’s note: That’s it, you’re fucking fired. We can’t work with you any more.)

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