The Darker Side Of Watercolor: Tattoos By Just Jessie

The Darker Side Of Watercolor: Tattoos By Just Jessie

Just Jessie's tattoos are big, bold, dark and beautiful.

The sketchy and dramatic tattoos of Just Jessie are so inventive and creative that the artist has created a style that is completely her own.

When a tattoo style breaks traditional rules and bursts outside the lines, it's often labeled as abstract or watercolor in style. Watercolor tattoos often use little black, minimal line-work and bright, girly colors to capture imagery like nature and animals. 

Jessie's watercolor tattoos are like no other. Heaps of dark black, detailed sketch-like lines, bold negative space, and smudges of colors completely different from the usual watercolor paint splashes.

Here's an artist that has carved out an imaginative approach to tattooing that is her own. Can't wait to see what's next for this London-based tattooist.

Photos are from Just Jessie's Instagram.

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