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The Dreamcatcher Tattoos of Your Dreams

The Dreamcatcher Tattoos of Your Dreams

Often snarked as the most typical tattoo, these dreamcatcher tattoos surprise and amaze.

By now, the dreamcatcher tattoo needs no further introduction. You've probably seen them on a hundred other webpages by now, scrolled past them too many times on your newsfeed, and heard a friend or two talk about their dreamcatcher, their dreamcatcher tattoo, or their friend's dreamcatcher tattoo.

Originally a Native American object to ensure a sleeper has good dream, the dreamcatcher has been appropriated into mainstream White People culture and has firmly stuck there. Social media has certainly helped its rise — Tumblr, Instagram, and sundry other outlets make it easy to share the dreamy platitudes associated with the dreamcatcher. 

This gallery of excellently executed dreamcatcher tattoos proves that the dreamcatcher is now as powerful motif as a red rose or skull tattoo, and is here to stay. When it's done right, it's done so right.

The truth is: cheesy ideas don't have to be cheesy, and dreamcatchers can stay perfect and dreamy if they're done well.

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