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The Dumbest Tattoo Trend Imaginable

The Dumbest Tattoo Trend Imaginable

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Von Miller of the Denver Broncos recently got tattooed on a private jet. So allow us to climb on our soapbox and rant about this idiocy.

Before complaining about a specific trend — whether it be in fashion, tattooing, music, whatever — I like to step back and make sure that I’m not acting like an old man screaming “get off my lawn!” I have a little checklist in my head and make sure that the trend meets at least four of my five requirements. And if it does… to the internet I run and let the ranting begin.

Von Miller getting tattooed on a private jet. Absolutely nothing could possible go wrong here... (Via Snapchat - millerlite40)

Is the trend remarkably self serving?
Unless he was soaking in a tub of Cristal and the tattooer was using $100 bills to wipe, we can’t imagine a better way for Miller to proclaim, “Hey world, I’m fucking rich.” Or, more pointedly, “I’m way richer than you are.” Check.

How do you feel about getting a tattoo on private jet, Von? Oh... that's disappointing. (Via IG - vonmiller)

Will anyone even care tomorrow? Is this even worth it?
Essentially what we are looking for here is if people are going to give a shit about this in 24 hours, especially since the Snapchat story will have deleted by then. Miller is going to be walking around with this tattoo for the rest of his life, why risk fucking it up for a stunt that only one angry “tattoo journalist” and the people who were there are going to remember by tomorrow? Check.

Charlie Connell
Written byCharlie Connell

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