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The Eerily Beautiful Fineline Tattoos of Ed Taemets

The Eerily Beautiful Fineline Tattoos of Ed Taemets

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This tattooist is perfectly contrasting light and dark subject matter.

It’s no secret that we’re partial to tattoos that are darker in subject matter. The creepier the better as far as we’re concerned. There’s something to be said about the dark intricacy of fine lined black and grey tattoos. Much like a spider’s web, the artist's ability to create an absolute masterpiece by stringing together the tiniest of lines is absolutely phenomenal. Although not all black and grey tattoos are somber in nature, we’re especially fond of the ones that are. Spiders, webs, roses, and the like — you name it, we’re all about it, but one of our absolute favorite artists is without a doubt Ed Taemets of Hidden Moon Tattoo.

Based out of Melbourne, Australia, Hidden Moon Tattoo is home to a whole host of wildly talented artists that favor eerily somber black and grey work, like macabre favorite Abby Drielsma. What sets Taemets apart from his peers is his keen ability to create pieces that are so precise they look like they’ve been sketched with a supremely sharp graphite pencil. 

Subject matter aside, his technique is flawless, employing the use of dot work and extremely fine lines to create impeccable illustrative pieces. The same could be said about his flash. On occasion, you’ll find an artist whose flash varies from their actual tattoo work, not quite living up to the paper and ink counterpart. Taemets’ work is so perfectly spot on, that if you’re quickly scrolling through his portfolio, you might mistake a piece of flash for a tattoo and vice versa, his level of talent perfectly translated to each piece. So whether you’re a fan of black and grey, bittersweet beauties, or fine lined figures, Taemets’ work is right up your alley.

Alex Wikoff
Written byAlex Wikoff

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