The Effortlessly Smooth, Neo-Traditional Work of Johnny Domus

The Effortlessly Smooth, Neo-Traditional Work of Johnny Domus

A true master of Neo-Traditional tattooing.

If you're on the market for some insanely vibrant, unbelievably sleek Neo-Traditional greatness, look no further than Johnny Domus.

We've written about him before, but when has that ever stopped us? With nearly flawless work like Domus', its worth mentioning.... and often. 

Neo-Traditional tattoos are classified by their subtle (or sometimes, not so subtle) nods to design aspects of their traditional predecessors, but with more detail and a broader color palette. That's the cliff notes definition, but, a valid one nonetheless. Soif we're playing by the aforementioned guidelines, which we are, Johnny Domus is working well within them and totally nailing it. 

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Tattooing out of Domus Art Tattoo in Setubal, Portugal, he's mastered his own brand of stylized masterpieces. Whether a beautiful lady with flowing locks and a piercing stare or a noble set of pet portraits-Domus can put his unique spin on just about anything. 

Take a look at some our recent favorites below and give him a follow on Instagram for all the latest. 

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