The End of an Era: Into You Tattoo London Closes its Doors

The End of an Era: Into You Tattoo London Closes its Doors

Bye bye Into You, hello 1770!

The renowned London-based studio closes its doors this month, with a new focus on the sister shop in Brighton.

Into You began in 1993, started by tattoo artist Alex Binnie and piercer Teena Marie. On the Into You website, Alex explains his strong mission behind the original studio and why the time has come to close the doors on the London shop, and focus on a new venture in Brighton... 

"What it’s been about is trying to do something different, certainly at the time and in London there was nothing like us. We never saw tattooing as a JOB, but a vocation, a calling, a path. And the shop was more a life raft, a meeting place, a safe haven for people like us, we never saw it as just a business. Goodness knows how we kept it together for so long, it was pretty crazy at times, but we did and it was great and thanks to everyone who came and trusted us to tattoo them. It WAS amazing!"

"We closed because the lease was up, simple as that. The building redeveloped, the whole area changed, like so much of central London. Things have their time, and our time was up. We didn’t want to dilute it by attempting to replicate it somewhere else, it would never have been the same. So life moves on and we have scattered too, it was very special to us, and I know it’s been special to many who walked through our doors. Thank you all, it was beautiful."

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Alex was part of this cool event that I covered recently: Getting Under The Skin Of London's Tattoo Scene!

The Into You brand will still exist in Brighton, but under the new title of '1770' - formed by Alex and tattooist Jason Mosseri

"For the first 11 years we were called Into You 2 – we were the “sister” shop to the famed Into You in London, sadly now closed. With the closure of Into You we decided it would be appropriate to change our name for 2 reasons – firstly we wanted to forge ahead with our own unique identity, and secondly it was felt that upon the closure of Into You in St John St, Clerkenwell, the name should die with the premises."

Many artists from the London team are off to join new studios and shops. One of my favourite artists Emily Alice Johnston has now become part of the amazing team at Parliament Tattoo, also in London. 

Emily posted the above photo with the caption: "I fucking love my Into You London tattoo fam, jusqu'à la mort ☠️ #werule"

Follow Into You and 1770 on social media for more updates for the future. Good luck guys, we wish you all the best in the future!

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