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The Enigmatic Lady Tattoos of Lydia Marier

The Enigmatic Lady Tattoos of Lydia Marier

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Cloaked in mystery and starry with magic, Marier’s illustrative black ink tattoos of women are a riddle all their own.

If you creep far back enough on Lydia Marier’s Instagram, you’ll notice the gradual progression of her style that occurred somewhere in the winter of 2015-2016. Her work went from solely old school black traditional work to more of an illustrative inspired feel. It happened somewhere in between completing her apprenticeship with Oly Anger, and becoming a full time artist at Oly Anger Tattoo in Montreal (trust us, we’ve longingly looked at her Instagram so many times, we practically know it like the back of our hand). It was a move that perfectly combined her illustrative and graphic design background with her newfound knowledge of tattoos, to create an absolutely gorgeous hybrid that reads a touch moodier than her previous work.

Flowers by Lydia Marier (via IG-lmariera) #illustrative #blackink #ladyhead #girlsgirlsgirls #LydiaMarier

Focusing predominantly on lady heads, all of the women Marier creates have a distinctly witchy vibe to them. Generally depicted nude or semi-nude and often incorporating elements of surrealism, she uses a combination of black work, stippling, and negative space to create haunting and mysterious figures. Occasionally replacing an eye with a plant or removing portions of the face entirely, as if the woman had been wearing a mask the entire time, Marier’s work deals heavily with facades. In this way Marier shrouds her women in an air of mystery, never fully revealing their true intentions. Are they friend or foe? Harmless or malicious?

While none of us may ever truly know the intentions of Marier’s women, we do know that her illustrative background has played a key role in helping her find her own unique voice within the style. Cloaked in mystery and starry with magic, Marier’s ladies are an enigma all their own.

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