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The Essential Aspects of Seriously Good Tattoo Designs

The Essential Aspects of Seriously Good Tattoo Designs

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In this collection of inspiring pieces, we take a look at some good tattoo designs and talk about what makes them so awesome!

We get asked all the time for good tattoo designs and tattoo ideas and, like our collection of beautiful tattoos last week, sometimes that just depends on your perspective of what "good" actually means. But there are, definitely, some things that make certain designs work extremely well...and with this selection of pieces, we hope to show you what to look for when you're planning out your next tattoo, or working with your favorite artist to design your next custom tattoo. It always starts with an inspiring idea...and we're sure we've got you covered there...but what next? How do you create something that stands out? How do you go from the idea to the visual representation? on to find out.

Good tattoo designs are based on a whole lot of things. You obviously want to make sure that the concept is strong...even if that means you're simply doing a nod to Traditional or Tribal. And, usually, if you feel really strongly about your idea, then that makes the rest of the process so much easier to depict a powerful piece. But there are also a few others things that your tattoo artist can help with when designing something that you'll not only love forever, but that will look seriously cool ten, twenty, or even fifty, years from now. For instance, take Traditional tattoos...part of the reason why they're so popular, and why they continue to be a mainstay of the tattoo community, is that the old saying "bold will hold" is 100% true. The bold black lines, striking color palette, and simplicity of these artful conceptions helps create a powerful tattoo that heals well, and ages even better.

You'll notice that with the examples in this collection, like Pablo Lillo's portrait of a wine loving lady, and Andres' illustration of the devil and his conquest, that the lines are wonderfully capture the image, but also leave a lot of room for what are known as "skin breaks" for the skin to show through. This helps with image recognition, and as the tattoo ages, it makes sure that the piece will remain clear and easily legible. If you look at all the other tattoos, they also have this aspect: the lines aren't squashed together...size actually does matter when creating a design, and your artist will tell you if your idea may need a bit more room to wander...

In addition to choosing the correct size to depict your idea, balance is totally key. You'll notice that every single piece in this good tattoo design collection, no matter the style, is balanced. It's not only parts of the image that are in harmony....the tattoo itself also needs to be a good fit for where it is placed on the body. Check out Pawel Indulski's moon lady....the placement of the crescent moons helps create a cohesive vision. It doesn't feel like it's missing something. The same goes for Oscar Akermo's tattoo...even though the forearm is not a rectangle, that shape works really well on that part of the body. He even fit it around other pieces in a way that makes the space used, and the space around the tattoo, in harmony. So, it's not just size, line quality, balance, or's everything put together that makes a tattoo design really stand out. Look at the rest of these pieces, and try to figure out what makes it such a successful design (even if it isn't your particular fave style).

It's okay if you're not super artistic, or if this isn't your forte...because that's why some tattoo artists are so freaking good at their job!! They are there to give you the tattoo of your dreams...and all of this artsy fartsy design info comes to them like a second nature. Make sure to book with us next time you want a new piece, because that's what we're all about: high quality tattoos done by high quality artists for high quality collectors just like you!

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