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The Experimental Graphic Tattoos Of Niko Inko

The Experimental Graphic Tattoos Of Niko Inko

Tattoo Artists1 min Read

There are no limits to Niko Inko's creativity!

Contemporary tattoo art lovers will be impressed by the large-scale graphic tattoos of French tattoo artist Niko Inko.

Niko Inko is one of the greatest names of graphic tattoo. He is based at tattoo studio L'Encrophage, in Argelès-sur-Mer, France. His tattoos are bold, but also intricate, vibrant and a bit crazy too... Following inspiration and the clients' personality, Niko Inko can go freehand on their bodies or experiment with techniques, with pencils or digital tools. From realism to sumi-e, watercolor to trash style, Inko Inko thinks outside the box and his artistic universe can't be reduced to one concept. If you like to get mad with creativity, you need to see the art of Niko Inko. Check him on Facebook and Instagram.

Written byJenTheRipper

Writer for art related medias. Fell in love with tattoo while researching for another passion, crime history. Travelling, admiring, sharing.

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