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The Face of Love: Portrait Tattoos

The Face of Love: Portrait Tattoos

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These portrait tattoos will remind just how powerful a beautiful face can be.

These portrait tattoos will remind you the power of a look...of the emotion a face can imbue with just one glance. With style, ease, and sometimes a little humor, these pieces will show that portrait tattoos can come in many different styles, and have many different meanings. Although most people go with the tried and true design concept of the lady head, a favorite among many artists, portrait tattoos still come in many forms and styles. Under the hand of a skilled artist, a portrait of a someone can certainly come alive.

From the smoldering realism of the sexy starlet Angelina Jolie tattoo by Inal Bersekov, to the absolute hilarity of Felipe Fego's "Pablo Escobarte" and even Hori Benny's ultra illustrative nod to anime and the sensual craft of Oiran ladies of old Japan...not to mention Charley Gerardin's homage to photographer Ren Hang, RIP...we miss you. Portrait tattoos can either be a beautiful lady, a funny character, or a memorial to something, or someone, who really means a lot to you. Like all tattoos that exist, the diversity of style and aesthetic means theres something there for everyone!

So, although this particular collection is portrait tattoos, we have many more for you to choose from, and many more tattoos coming your way. Every day we try to gather pieces that inspire you so much, that you just have to run out and go get that brand new ink! Who doesn't want a lovely lady or Pablo Escobarte on their body? Tattoodo brings the best of the best to you daily. We know your standards are high, our standards are high, and our ambassadors standards are high. We're here to uphold the highest of standards, and to support the most skillful, most inspiring artists and art. We love that you're here too, because our community wouldn't be the same without you!

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