The Fine Blackwork Of Marla Moon

The Fine Blackwork Of Marla Moon

Spanish tattoo artist Marla Moon enchants us with her delicate blackwork pieces fashioned with beautiful linework and dotwork.

Marla Moon refers to her works as ‘skin engravings’. We wouldn't have it any other way as her works really are, true to her words, like engravings on skin. Blessed with hands made for impeccable linework, if we were all born to do something then we're sure as anything that Marla Moon was born to do fine blackwork.

Although the Spanish tattooer mainly works with blackwork, she's quite flexible with designs. She can work with flora and fauna, portraits, landscapes, poison bottles, half-mandalas, all the way to the galaxy, and back. She has no problems working her magic with nearly every design she's faced with, armed with a superb skill in linework and dotwork as she is. 

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