The Fine Line Flora and Fauna Tattoos of Goyo

The Fine Line Flora and Fauna Tattoos of Goyo

Fall in love with South Korean tattoo artist Goyo's lovely fine line tattoos of animal portraits and floral embellishments.

Reindeer Ink, the home of fine line tattooer Zihwa, who's known for her gorgeous floral designs, also houses yet another talented fine line tattooer by the name of Goyo. Goyo mainly tattoos both flora and fauna themes in a style that's similar to Zihwa's. They both have that same subtle feel in their black and grey pieces. While Goyo's earlier linework is a bit rougher than Zihwa's, she's gradually adapting the similar techniques and touches that made the latter's works stand out.

What's to love about Goyo's progressing works is the variety of her design that plays around floral and animal themes. With her distinct style and touches, she's able to ‘tame’ beasts such as the King of the Jungle and the serpent into mellow creatures imprinted gracefully on skin. 

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Goyo also likes making cute Victorian portraits of animals, micro tattoos, and adorable couple tattoos that will have you booking a ticket to Hongdae, Seoul.

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