The Fine Lined Beauties of Marla Moon

The Fine Lined Beauties of Marla Moon

Moon's Notoriously Precise Works of Art

Fine lined tattoos have become a bit of a trend, one that we can definitely get on board with. Containing more detail than traditional or even neo-traditional tattoos could ever dream of, the subtle cracks in a bone down to the fine wisps on a piece of wheat, fine lined beauties are absolutely stunning, and artist Marla Moon is one of the best in the business.

Hailing from Madrid, Spain, Moon’s fine lines have an organic feel to them. Working exclusively in black and grey, her work often features natural elements, like skeletons, animals, and landscapes. Borrowing elements from both linework and dotwork, she blends the two styles beautifully to form her own, notoriously precise works of art.

You can see more of Moon's work here.

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