The Fine Lined Surrealism of Serkan Demirboğa

The Fine Lined Surrealism of Serkan Demirboğa

Istanbul's Tattoom Gallery has become the place to be for surrealists.

There will never come a time when we will say no to or grow tired of surrealism. Its weirdness is outstanding, and as every artist knows, the art world would be nothing if it weren’t for weird ideas and people. Surrealism is the definition of everything good within the art world. Now, there will also never come a time when we will grow tired of fine lines. Able to express some of the most intricate detail and subtleties, the beauty in fine lined work is its preciseness. Combine the two together, and you get artist Serkan Demirboğa, whose fine lined surrealism is taking the tattoo community by storm.

Working out of Tattoom Gallery in Istanbul, Turkey, Demirboğa’s work is all encompassing. Jumping from black and grey to full on vivid color, from tiny pieces to entire sleeves, Demirboğa’s work knows no limits. In fact, we’d go as far as to say that it transcends a specific style. While it’s true that the subject matter of his work is surreal at its core, his ability to jump from watercolor to illustrative pieces to a realistic mountain lion is insane. It’s true that all of his pieces, regardless of color scheme are absolutely stunning, but we have to say that his gradual gradients in his color pieces is arguably his most impressive trait. Evident in the airplane view of the horizon, Demirboğa nails the subtle transition of earth tones. First the sky, then the clouds, and slowly but surely, the various terracotta tones that denote the mountainous desert. It’s a beauty rarely seen, especially in tattoos.

Surprisingly, Demirboğa is still a relatively unknown artist, but definitely one to watch out for in the year ahead. If you’re in Istanbul, definitely stop by and pay Demirboğa and his colleague Jefree Naderali a visit at Tattoom Gallery.

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