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The Finely Lined Black & Grey Work of Sarah Carter

The Finely Lined Black & Grey Work of Sarah Carter

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Sarah Carter is capable of creating exquisite tattoos through her use of fine lines and precise shading.

Sarah Carter's black and grey tattoos stand out because of their fine line work as well as their surprising qualities. They're somehow simultaneously delicate but also suggestive of danger, as if designed to infiltrate and then subvert mainstream expectations about what tattoos can symbolize. Check out some of her exquisite, provocative, and boundary-pushing work. 

Carter's lady heads are awesome, because they challenge the conventions of this classic genre of traditional tattoos. Instead of the stereotypical busts of babes, her lady heads have estranging features, such as a beard, a literal bird's nest of hair, or a tomahawk dripping with blood. 

Carter is pushing the envelope of tribal bangers by adding in other imagery, such as busts, traditional eagles, and soft eyes to create a somewhat surreal and very hybrid motif. 

Sarah Carter (IG—sarahcartertattoo) take on tarot, the hanged man. #blackandgrey #finelinework #hangedman #realism #SarahCarter #surreal

Perhaps the most captivating of Carter's tattoos are the realistic ones that also connote cultural meanings. You can see how the mystical nature of tarot and other spiritual themes elegantly manifest in a surreal way through her work.

Intense Christian-themed black and grey back-piece by Sarah Carter (IG—sarahcartertattoo). #blackandgrey #Christian #finelinework #realism #SarahCarter #surreal

We hope that you enjoyed this sample of Carter's interesting black and grey work. If you want to check out more of it, here's her Instagram. Also, she tattoos at King's Avenue Tattoo if you're around NYC and want to pay her a visit for an eclectic lady head, some hybridized tribal, or a surreal piece of realism. 

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