The Folky and Powerful Tattoo Art of Jason Brooks

The Folky and Powerful Tattoo Art of Jason Brooks

In a modern tattoo world with realistic pieces and insane neo traditional imagery, folky tattoos like Jason Brooks' are truly refreshing.

Powerful and solid tattoo imagery need not be hyper realistic or super smooth in execution. A tattoo can be visually strong through composition and layout. These tattoos by Jason Brooks prove this point.

Rad dragon head thigh tattoo done by Jason Brooks. #Jasonbrooks #GreatWaveTattoo #boldtattoos #TraditionalTattoo #dragon #dragonhead

Jason Brooks is a seasoned and brilliant tattooer from Austin, Texas. He works and tattoos at Great Wave Tattoo. Jason Brooks' straightforward and solid approach to tattooing gives his work that strong and bold look. The brilliant economy of design paired with clean and solid application is his recipe for an amazing body of work.

Solid action packed back tattoo of a shark and some waves. Tattoo done by Jason Brooks. #jasonbrooks #GreatWaveTattoo #boldtattoos #TraditionalTattoo #shark #backpiece

Versatile in both Asian and Western tattoo art, his work is such a marvellous collection that any tattoo enthusiast would truly appreciate having some of his work on their skin. Subjects such as dragons, snakes and deities are some of his favorites. Whether it be large bodysuits and back tattoos or medium sized pieces on the thighs and forearms, Jason Brooks manages to pull off every tattoo project he works on, big or small.

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Amazing action packed eagle tattoo done by Jason Brooks. #JasonBrooks #GreatWaveTattoo #boldtattoos #TraditionalTattoo #eagle #redlightning

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