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The Force is Strong With This One: Star Wars Tattoos

The Force is Strong With This One: Star Wars Tattoos

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The sincerest way to celebrate George Lucas's genius is by devoting your skin to a Star Wars tattoo! Get a new tattoo, you should. Yessssss.

May the Fourth be with you! In preparation for this joyous day of days, we brought together a gorgeous selection of Star Wars tattoos that all you rebels out there will adore. Depictions of sparkling galaxies, portraits of favorite characters...many of them in an incredible and inspiring Hyperrealist style, but always with the glow of true fandom that we can appreciate. With 9 films, dozens of spin offs, and a slew of fan fiction, there are certainly tons of tattoo ideas to be had...not to mention the illustrious beauty of star clusters and intergalactic goodness as a backdrop.

For our own celebration, we interviewed Yoda on his thoughts about this particular holiday that seems to be growing at an enormous and exciting rate!

Yoda, in your opinion, what is May the Fourth about?

Star Wars Appreciation Day we celebrate! Spectacular scenes of stars and spaceships packed with action, there are. Fight against evil, we must. Your better self concentrate on because actions and thoughts effect the future! Hmm. Yes. To show your devotion to George Lucas, no better way than getting a tattoo there is, hmmmm? Perfect way to prove your commitment, it is! Of Star Wars tattoos, there is so much show of love. Win against evil, love will. Hmmmmmm.

How do you feel when people get a Yoda tattoo?

Yoda tattoos I see I do laugh! Funny face, I have. But, when nine hundred years old you reach, look as good you will not. Herh herh herh.

And how do you think you'll be celebrating May the Fourth? Would you ever get a tattoo?

Eat Rootleaf stew will I. Maybe sleep. Tattoos? Do. Or do not. There is no try. Yes, hmmm. Get a tattoo, maybe one day I will. To live in the moment I like. The moment is important. Because make the most of life, you should. You, one with the universe, must be. Express yourself authentically. Fear, do not. Seek joy on May the Fourth, will we. Yeesssssss.

Why do you think people love Star Wars?

Because real life, Star Wars is. Teacher, Star Wars is. Fight good against evil, it is. Hmmmmmm. Luminous beings are we…not this crude matter. Possible to beat wrong, it is. Truly wonderful, the mind of a child is. Only possibilities, endless possibilities, in the mind of the child there are. Hmmmmmm, yes.

What do you think of the Tattoodo App?

Perfect way to find good tattoo artists, this is. Many images that inspire, there are. Of Yoda there are many many images. If Yoda gets a tattoo, use this app I will. Here, find all the information I need to make a smart decision, can I. Strong force, I think Tattoodo has. Herh herh herh.

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